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Why Choose Us

Donglai Industry was originally a manufacturer of self-adhesive materials. After more than thirty years of development, with the business philosophy of “striving to impress customers”, we have formed a company that integrates the production, research and development, and sales of self-adhesive materials and finished product labels. We have established partnerships with many brands and enterprises. And use our rich expertise to provide them with innovative product packaging design label solutions to achieve their business and Sustainable Development Goals. We are committed to becoming the world’s leading supplier of label materials. No matter where you are, we provide world-class services.

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    Founded in 1986
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    30 +years experience
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    More than 100 products
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    More than 1 billion

Product Application

We provide you with:
Self-adhesive materials, label paper, cold foil stamping film, glazing film, glazing matte film.

Donglai Company is a global material manufacturing enterprise, providing customers with professional labeling solutions, widely used in daily chemicals, food packaging, logistics warehousing, industrial and medical fields.

  • PC Adhesive Material
  • PET Adhesive Material
  • PVC Adhesive Material
  • Adhesive Material Assistance
  • Adhesive Paper
  • Red Wine, Beer, And Beverage Labels

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Company News

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 Over the past thirty years, China Donglai Industrial has become a leading enterprise in the production, research and development, and sales of self-adhesive materials and finished labels. With the core of "impressing customers", Donglai Industrial has created a rich pro...

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